Children’s Consignment Sales

A great way to make a ton of cash on your gently used kids items is to consign them at a bi-annual consignment sale. Most metropolitan areas have at least one of these types of sales these days. My go-to local sale is Charleston Repeats. It is an awesome venue to consign your kids’ things and find great deals on clothes, toys, and gear.

Their sale is actually going on now, so I recently cleaned out and purged all things unused and outgrown! I usually begin the process about a month prior to the sale by having the kids try on all of their spring/summer or fall/winter clothes. This is not typically a whole lot of fun, but I use incentives like telling them that I will get them new stuff at the sale, and that seems to work. This is no lie either! I basically trade in my kids’ outgrown stuff for stuff that we need! I seldom spend any money because the profit I make from selling covers the amount I spend on the new stuff!

Pricing is crucial to successful selling. Here are some tips:

  1. Beware of overpricing. Don’t listen to your sentimental self. If you are still attached to that onesie that Junior wore when he said his first word, save it and move on to something less emotional.
  2.  Bundle. If you have a whole bunch of little things, consider putting them all in a bag or on a hanger and price as a lot.
  3. Think 30. Most things should be priced around 30% of retail. Less than that for lower quality brands or condition.

As mentioned in my post about women’s consignment sales, the secret to getting the best deals and the best return is volunteering! I cannot overstate this. Between typically getting a portion of your consigner fee back, and getting to shop early, this makes volunteering so worth it! I have been consigning at kids sales since my oldest was really small, and I still feel like a kid on Christmas morning when I find the great deals!


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