Facebook Group Selling- Starting Out

So you are in a Facebook selling group… now what? Once you have found the group of your dreams, it’s time to jump in with both feet and start selling the heck out of all that stuff that has been taking up space in your garage, right? Not yet… patience young grasshopper…

As mentioned in my last post, DO: Read all of the rules first. All groups are different and have different rules. DON’T: enter a group and immediately post 40 things in one day. You will likely be removed from the group, or at least chastised by administrators.

Sit back and relax. Enjoy the show for a bit before jumping in. Interact with others on informational posts. If you see something you want, buy it. Notice the tone of the group. How do the members interact? Is it a welcoming group, or a hostile environment? Do people support each other or pick fights? Is admin noticeably absent or do they constantly post nasty grams? Is the feed dominated by spam or is it a good mix of sale items? If the group seems negative, you might want to look for other groups before getting too involved.

Start by posting a couple of things to test the water. It is best to post things that are clean, in season, and desirable. Don’t start out with the old 1985 floral print that you were going to drop at Goodwill but wanted to see if you could get a couple of bucks out of. Save that for the garage sale, or better yet, just go ahead and take it to Goodwill.

If your items do not sell at first, don’t get discouraged. In very large or popular groups, things get pushed down the feed fast, so your item may not have even been seen by many people. Following the rules of the group, bump your post after 24 hours or so. (“Bumping” is simply making your post go back to the top of the feed again so it will be seen again without having to scroll and scroll down the feed). In order to bump, just type anything in the comment section below your post (some type “bump” others put a smiley face, emoji, or just a “.”) Don’t bump your post more than once or twice or it will look like you’re desperate. It is better to just wait a week, then try again.

My next post will tell you the best way to post so that you get the most cash out of your items!


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