Facebook Sale Groups: How to Find the Right Group For You

The first key to successful selling in Facebook groups is finding a group that is a good fit for you. Each group has different administrators, members, rules, and a different vibe. Here are some hints to set you up for success by finding a group that you feel comfortable in:

  1. Check with your friends and find out which groups they are members of. It’s always less awkward going to a party with a friend than showing up to a room of strangers, right? It is also easier to feel accepted in a Facebook group where you already know someone. In addition, many groups require that you are added by a friend as opposed to you requesting to be added yourself. These are usually the more close knit groups that you will want to be a member of anyway.
  2. Understand the different Facebook group settings. Groups can be Public, Closed, or Secret. Public groups are just that. Anyone can find them, become a member, see its members and their posts. Like public groups. anyone can find closed groups and see who is in them, but only members can see the posts. In some groups, becoming a member requires approval by administrators after a request to join by either the prospective member or a friend who is already a member of the group. In other groups, any member can approve a request to join or add members.Secret groups are not searchable by anyone other than members. They offer the highest privacy level. The only way to join one of these groups is to be added by a friend who is already a member, and then an admin may also need to approve the membership, depending on the group settings.
  3. Search for groups in your geographical area. In order to do this, go to the left hand side of your home page, click “buy and sell groups” under “Explore”… You will be taken to a map which shows all of the open groups in your area. screen-shot-2017-01-29-at-11-45-59-am
  4. Search for groups specific to your niche. There are tons of groups out there- from Lilly Pulitzer Buy/Sell groups to Milk glass sale groups! Keep in mind that unless they are exclusive to your area, most of these ultra specific groups have members from all over, and items will need to be shipped to buyers.
  5. Once you are in a group, FIRST read the rules! This is a fatal error for many folks and they get kicked out of the group for breaking the rules the first time they post.
  6. Hang out for a while and observe before interacting. I know you want to get that chair/pile of clothes/lawn mower out of your house like– yesterday, but resist the temptation to barge in there and post all of your stuff the minute you see the message that you have been accepted to your new group! Watch the feed and get an idea of the group’s vibe first, then start posting gradually.

Check back soon for more super powered selling tips in my next post!


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